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Introducing my new Travel Photography project

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Introducing my new Travel Photography project

Using a camera is very simple. Just look through the viewfinder or display, point it at the subject and press the shutter. Results however may vary. Have you ever tried taking a perfect photograph on vacation or while traveling, and after you came home the result wasn’t quite as you remembered it? You knew that what you saw with your own eyes was better than what the camera had captured. It happens to the best of us, right? Or does it… read on.

Most common issues are that the image came out too bright, too dark or blurred. These are common mistakes that can be easily resolved once you know how to use your camera and get the most out of it. New digital cameras have sophisticated technology that makes most of them relatively easy to use. But there’s more to photography than technicalities of applying the right camera settings. Developing an eye for capturing that perfect image is something that only comes through lots and lots of practice, and applying some photography principles.

Taking pictures while traveling means wherever you find yourself there is a new scenery to capture. I usually don’t visit a destination twice, so getting it right the first time is crucial. This becomes even more important if you’ve traveled halfway around the world to cross another item off your bucket list. Creative use of the camera gives everyone with a bit of imagination something to say.

Once you capture that perfect memory you can turn those into personalized keepsakes such as cards, t-shirts, calendars, posters, and much more. There is room for color correction, resizing, cropping and creative effects using photo editing software, but if your original image isn’t close to perfect to begin with editing will only make it worse.

I invite you to take the plunge into the world of photography with me. I recently launched my brand new website, called Travel Photography World, where I share my methods to start taking sharp, clear and high quality pictures like a professional photographer. I’ll personally show you how to create photos like a pro, so you can capture your perfect travel moments. I’ll also share my own travel photography from around the world, including my personal stories behind them and how they were taken. See if for yourself at